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"Gone are the days when an editor at a major house would take you under their wing and handle everything for you. Today's successful writers take matters into their own hands and leave nothing to chance."

Joseph Nassise, award-winning, NYT Bestselling author of more than 60 novels

Are you ready for the modern era of publishing?

Write the novel of your dreams

with the help of two publishing veterans!

  • Are literary agents rejecting your novel . . . if they bother to respond at all?
  • Are your sales on Amazon and other indie channels not what you'd expected?
  • Have you sold one or more books to a traditional publisher, but discovered there is more about the business that no one ever told you?

What you get when you join StoryCraft:

Lifetime access to 62 self-paced lessons on writing and publishing fiction

an ongoing, supportive, interactive community

monthly drop-in Zoom calls with your fellow students and instructors
 Joe and Tom

What you'll accomplish:

  • improve your storytelling with the help of bestselling and award-winning authors
  • understand the inside reality of traditional publishing from actual victories (and lessons learned!) in the industry
  • determine if you are best served becoming an indie, trad, or hybrid author

Meet Your Instructors

Joseph Nassise and Tom Leveen have more than forty years of combined writing and publishing experience between them, with multiple New York Times and USA Today bestsellers plus four nominations for the Bram Stoker Award.

They have worked with many of the largest New York publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperVoyager, Tor Books, Gallery, and Harlequin/Gold Eagle, and have independently published a wide variety of titles under their own imprints. They have also worked for comic companies like Image Comics (Spawn) and Arcana Comics (Candice Crowe), and contributed writing for role-playing game settings such BattleTech, Shadowrun, and Wraith: The Oblivion.

Together, they're going to teach you everything you need to know to write and sell a novel in today's competitive market!


Premium Training Designed to Get Results

  • World class instruction from two bestselling writers

  • 56 individual lessons covering a wide variety of topics, from coming up with an idea to editing your final manuscript

  • Perfect for both traditional and independent publishing

  • Lifetime Access to the Content

  • New Content Added Regularly

  • Real world resources including outlines, scene lists, query letters, synopsi, line-editing examples, and more

  • Private Members-Only Group for questions and discussion

  • Monthly group Zoom sessions with Joe and Tom for questions and discussion

  • Bonus content, including Tom's non-fiction book "How to Write Awesome Dialogue" and a library of novels from both your instructors


    1. Introduction

    2. How We Got Started - And What You MUST Know First

    3. How to Use This Course

    4. Meet Your Instructor - Joe Nassise

    5. Meet Your Instructor - Tom Leveen

    1. The Emotional Reader

    2. Pantsers and Plotters

    3. The Three C's of Storytelling

    4. Outlining

    5. Ways to Discover and Create Character

    6. Character Agency

    1. Plot versus Story

    2. Understanding Genre

    3. Understanding Setting

    4. Understanding Tense

    5. Understanding Tone, Theme, and Voice

    6. Understanding Point of View

    7. Your Premise and Your Scene List

    8. Story Structure

    9. Your Story Engine

    10. Creating Great Characters

    11. Character Agency Redux

    12. Goals for Your Hero and Villain

    1. The Value of Structure

    2. Getting Started

    3. Writing A Synopsis

    4. Writing Descriptions

    5. Writing Dialogue

    6. First Drafts Are Supposed to Suck

    7. Joe's Writing Process (Part One)

    8. Joe's Writing Process (Part Two)

    1. The Art of Story Structure

    2. We're Not in Kansas Anymore (AKA The Preparation Phase)

    3. And Then All Hell Broke Loose (AKA Game Changing Moment #1)

    4. Like a Chicken With It's Head Cut Off (AKA The Reactive Phase)

    5. A Peek Behind the Curtain (AKA Game Changing Moment #2)

    6. Take the Battle to the Enemy (AKA The Proactive Phase)

    7. An Eye Opening Revelation (AKA Game Changing Moment #3)

    8. Once More Unto the Breach (AKA The Conclusion Phase)

    9. Story Structure Cheat Sheet

    1. Types of Editing

    2. Top Five Developmental Errors (20Books Vegas Presentation 2021)

    3. Top Five Developmental Errors (Handout)

    4. Sample Editorial Letter - Heretic (Pocket Books)

    5. Sample line edit - Zero (Random House Children's Books)

    6. Sample content edit - Zero (Random House Children's Books)

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  • 62 lessons

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  • Will you guarantee I'll become a best-selling millionaire?

    No. And you should run from any program saying you will. Publishing fiction as a career is fraught with peril, even under the best circumstances. What we promise is that if you follow our advice and engage with the community, your writing will improve, your odds of success will increase, and you will be prepared for both the highs and lows that come with the industry.

  • Can't I just Google "how to be a better writer"?

    Yes, you can find some of the information in StoryCraft online for free. But you will have to spend countless hours sifting through replicated and often incorrect information. StoryCraft shares exactly what you need to know, directly from experience, PLUS gives you personalized advice on your own career and writing.

  • What makes StoryCraft different from other online courses?

    StoryCraft is not only a course on how to improve your writing and increase your chances of success at publishing fiction, it is a living, breathing community with access to two working authors committed to sharing everything they wish someone had told them.

  • Is StoryCraft only for traditional authors? What about indie or hybrid?

    StoryCraft is for traditional, indie, and hybrid oriented writers at any stage of their career, from those still toying with the idea of writing a novel, to those who have recently licensed their first novel or two.

  • What genres will I learn about?

    StoryCraft is built for commerical genre fiction of all kinds. As the program grows, we will add specific modules for specific genres. The program is not designed for non-fiction writers, though the lessons on publishing will still be insightful and practical.

  • I'm not a writer but I know someone who is. Can I gift StoryCraft to someone?


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